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For Kasa, custom control panel design and assembly is about craftsmanship. We understand the importance of neat, organized wiring, especially if you ever have to change a panel in the future or troubleshoot a problem — no spaghetti wiring with Kasa panels.

The interior and exterior of each custom control panel built at Kasa are meticulously wired with artisan skill and labeled with easy-to-read engraved labels. Kasa can build to your print specifications or design custom panels for you. Our shop has 40,000 square feet of environmentally controlled workspace, which means no project or quantity is too big or too small. Plus, we've worked in a variety of industries including automotive, food & beverage, water/wastewater and more.

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UL 508a & UL 698a Certified Panel Builder offering:

  • ISO 9001-2015 testing and checkout
  • UL 508a, UL 698a, C-UL508a
  • Engineering review before starting a build
  • Built to your specs or custom design
  • Custom Enclosures
  • On-Site FAT testing and support   
  • Custom labels and tags
  • World-wide shipping

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