Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop 2.0

Krazy Shawn is back!

Hi! This is Krazy Shawn over at Krazy Shawn’s Panel Shop here at Kasa Controls and Automation!

Due to recent events, not only have prices been reduced, but so have I to a mere avatar of myself in this animated cartoon!

But our panel shop is real and I’m chopping down high panel shop prices using my highly developed martial art skills!

KARATE CHOP!!!! Heck, we’ve even been kicking great big control panels and assemblies out into our parking lot!

TAE KWAN DO KICK!!!! The “Kasa Kai Dojo” shows no mercy to high price panel builds!

LEG SWEEP!!! Owwie! Prices this low hurt! Cooaaach!

Wow, Mr. Perez…how’d you learn to heal a knee that way?

MR. PEREZ: The ancient sales technique.

Ahhh, of course…thank you, Mr. Perez!

So, kick your old hunk-of-junk control panel to the curb and let us help you get into a nice new one with highly organized wiring, custom labels and UL certifications.

You’ll flip over our prices

So call me, Krazy Shawn!

Our workmanship, UL certifications and wide variety of vendors make us the perfect choice for all of your panel needs. Kasa provides modern panels with old fashioned service. So, call me, Shawn Cadman at Kasa Controls and Automation.

What could you possibly be waiting for?

Give me a call! 785-825-7181

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Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop

Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop

Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop

Krazy Shawn-the Comeback

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High Speed Train Loadout

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