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We work in a wide variety of industries ranging from automotive and heavy industrial equipment to food processing and grain handling. Our engineering staff of industry- and thought-leading engineers works closely with you to determine the correct technological approach for your needs, keeping functionality in mind. You can expect a complete, concise and accurate system designed with practical maintenance, modification and expansion capabilities in place. Be assured your control system will be delivered to meet your needs and perform to your expectations.

Kasa's geographic marketplace is worldwide. Although, the majority of our systems are located in the United States, we have control systems in China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, South America, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, England and Korea. 




Grain Handling & StorageGrain Storage & Handling


BHS - Baggage Handling Systems

BHS – Baggage Handling Systems


Industrial Paint Systems - IntelliFinishing

Industrial Paint Systems – IntelliFinishing


Additional Industries

Additional Industries

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High Speed Train Loadout

High Speed Train Loadout

baggage handling systems

Baggage Handling

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