Grain Handling & Storage

Grain Storage & Handling

Since 1974, Kasa has provided turnkey control systems, automation and system integration for the grain industry. 

What can Kasa do for me? 

  • Prevent Downtime
    Downtime is costly. Downtime angers your customers. Using automation, we prevent downtime by looking at the real root cause. With more than 100 grain-related projects and expertise from other industries, our engineers ensure you are running at optimum capacity, while preventing downtime.
  • Reduce Manpower and Time
    With automation, we can provide ways for you to simplify your processes and save time. For example, setting up a conveyor path system that turns on all equipment and system monitoring in the proper and safe sequence with a single click reduces your manpower requirements,
  • Decrease Human Error
    Nobody’s perfect, but errors like accidental mixing of grains can cost you a bundle. With an automated bin board, your staff “sees” the location of your commodities before they open the gates. And, the software checks to en­­sure mixing doesn’t occur, alerting the user if a gate is accidentally opened.

Why is Kasa different?

  • Provide Solutions, Not Products
    Since we don’t have a line card of items to sell, you receive an unbiased recommendation and options to get the job done. Our vast experience in the grain industry and our experience as a solution provider in other industries allow you to capitalize on the best ideas that are seldom given by other providers.
  • Farming Background
    Yes, we are a bunch of engineers, but we have been in your boots, too. Many of us grew up on farms and understand the needs of impatient farmers during harvest. We have responded to a few frantic calls when a customer has problems during rail load out or in the heat of harvest. With remote access to your system, we can get you running before you’re charged extra fees by the railroad or have customers going to other facilities due to long wait times.
  • Simplify Technology
    Technology can be overwhelming and most of it is never used to its full capacity. We understand you have different levels of users and a solution is not effective if it is too complex for your grandpa to run. Our programmers understand how to create controls that are easy to understand and fit your unique needs.
  • Tons of Experience
    Since 1974, Kasa Controls & Automation has been providing automation services to the grain processing industry. We are best known for our capabilities as problem-solvers.

Levels of Automation

Levels of Automation


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Case Studies

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