Video: Providing Industrial Controls & Automation

Video: Providing Industrial Controls & Automation in a Variety of Industries

Video: Trust, Credibility & Quality – Working with Kasa

Video: Automated High Speed Grain Elevator Train Loadout in Under 6 Hours

Video: Automated High Speed Grain Elevator Train Loadout in Under 6 Hours

automation capabilities

What We Do

Who We Are

Who We Are

Command Alkon Printer Enclosures Video

Trust, Credibility & Quality

baggage handling systems

Baggage Handling

GEAPS Exchange 2024

GEAPS Exchange 2024
February 24-27
Kansas City, MO

GEAPS Exchange 2025

GEAPS Exchange 2025
February 22-25
Kansas City, MO

GEAPS Exchange 2026

GEAPS Exchange 2026
February 21-24
Kansas City, MO

ABCs of VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)

ABCs of VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) Learn about the applications, benefits and cost savings of VFDs.

Benefits of a Distributed BHS

Benefits of a Distributed Baggage Handling System Include Total Cost of Ownership and Overall Performance

 Case Study: Pane Build

Panel Build Case Study
Kasa creates a custom solution on a tight deadline.


Providing quality, on-time service while consistently meeting specs.

Baggage Handling Systems

Baggage Handling Services
Completing projects on time, on budget, with less downtime.

Grain Storage & Handling

We install control systems, automation & system integration for grain handling.

Who is Kasa

Who is Kasa?

Since 1974, Kasa Controls & Automation has been providing turnkey industrial controls and automation engineering expertise to a variety of manufacturers in the grain handling, automotive, food processing, baggage handling and heavy/industrial equipment industries. We also build custom UL control panels for companies like GM, Ford, Caterpillar and Spirit.

Our engineering staff of 75+ consists of electrical, computer, mechanical and electronics engineers. We've completed over 10,000 jobs providing PLC design and programming, HMI/OIT programming, data management and ERP integration, along with the design, installation and start-up of custom control systems.

Kasa Controls Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Programming

  • • PLC & HMI Programming
  • • ODBC Compliant Database
  • • Proprietary Software
  • • Siemens
  • • Rockwell
    • SCADA Design 
  • Services

  • • Custom Controls Design
  • • Commission & Start Up
  • • Consulting
  • • CAD Drafting & Design
  • • Service Agreements
  • • Factory Automation Testing
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