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CPI Enjoys Ease of Use and Full Plant Coverage Thanks to Kasa

Full-plant, totally integrated automation system results in more efficiency, less manpower plus Kasa provides 24/7 service after the sale. 

Since 1974, Kasa Controls & Automation has provided turnkey control systems, automation and system integration for the grain industry. Kasa worked with Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI), to update the control system for their Fairmont Nebraska grain elevator and train load out location. While CPI has technically only been working with Kasa since 2019, they were introduced to our system controls programing because we had previously developed a control system for the grain elevator at Red Cloud Nebraska in 2005 – acquired by CPI in a coop merger. 

CPI currently operates 23 grain elevator locations throughout South Central Nebraska. Kasa was able to step in to upgrade the grain facility automation at Fairmont because we understand grain, CPI’s objectives for their Fairmont location, and how to get the job done right. We were able to give them a number of automation options, some of which they hadn’t originally considered, to help them choose what would work best for their facility.

This case study outlines this successful partnership and the solutions that Kasa brought to CPI.

A History of Problem Solving

Kasa Controls & Automation previously automated the Grain Elevator/Train Rail Loadout Facility at Red Cloud, Nebraska prior to it being purchased by CPI. Our first project for CPI was to update that older Kasa system with a newer, more modern automation system that included integrating additional storage capabilities. The success of the automation at Red Cloud led to CPI approaching us to fully automate another of their rail loadout facilities at their Fairmont, NE location.

A Journey to Turnkey Solutions

The Fairmont facility was previously partially automated by a competitor to Kasa, but because of the turnkey solutions success at Red Cloud, CPI chose Kasa to come in and complete a total integration.

Kasa upgraded CPI’s current partial automation system to a full-plant, totally integrated automation system. Beyond just automating the conveying and elevator at the site, it also included updating their hazard monitoring system (hazmon), adding a preventative maintenance module, integrating their aeration system as well as their bin temperature monitoring system. These functions not only help keep the employees and facility safe but also help maintain total system uptime and grain quality.

Results – Run More Efficiently with Less Manpower

CPI acknowledges that the ease of use and full-plant coverage of Kasa’s automation system allows CPI to run the facility more efficiency and with less manpower, especially with respect to train loadouts. With the Kasa automation system at Fairmont, CPI can load a 116-car train over an hour and a half faster than was previously possible with their old software. 

Service After the Sale

One of the biggest factors that lead CPI to keep Kasa automation at Red Cloud and to change to Kasa automation at Fairmont was our high level of service after the sale. They know they can call Kasa 24 hours a day, seven days a week and reach a live person. They get the support they need to keep their system up and running – and not experience delays in response that were all too frequent from other controls companies they are using at other sites. This is especially important for this type of grain facility that doesn’t necessarily always have normal business hours! They also find it very helpful that our service team can remotely access locations to diagnose and fix issues almost always without being physically at the location.

The following benefits illustrate the value of working with Kasa:

  • Very responsive via phone and email
  • Provides a high level of service, repair and tech support
  • Offers great system documentation and materials to help implement and use the product
  • Gives training and instructions on using the product in person

 “We had another system at Fairmont, but our operators were so thrilled with what they saw with Kasa, which we already had at Red Cloud, that we decided to switch over at Fairmont,” said Justin Yoesel, Vice President-Grain for CPI.

 To learn more about how Kasa might be able to elevate your grain operations, contact us today.

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