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Heavy Building Materials – Remote Printer Enclosures, Swing Arm Stands, and PLC Panels

Command Alkon is a software and hardware solutions developer for the heavy building materials industry. Their Apex software supports aggregate, asphalt, and cement producers from quote to cash operations, including features for dispatching and ticketing of vehicles, invoicing, and accounting functions.

Kasa Supplies Supporting Products for Command Alkon’s Software

The relationship between Command Alkon and Kasa Controls & Automation spans 25 years. Kasa supplies Command Alkon’s customers with remote printer enclosures, swing arm stands, and asphalt loadout PLC panels.

Automation integrated with Apex plays a key role in many areas of our customers business. A few of the key impacts are, the reduction of vehicle in-plant time, improved efficiency in loading, and added safety for plant staff and drivers.

Adding a Printer Enclosure alone has proven to reduce vehicle in-plant times by up to 25%. This savings of time each trip means more potential trips per day which adds to our customer bottom line.

Remote printer enclosures keep drivers in their trucks when they pull up to get scale tickets. Scale tickets are printed for each truck that comes through the gate. The ticket indicates date, weight, and vehicle ID. Having the printer enclosure is a time saver for drivers allowing them to stay in their trucks. If it weren’t for the printer enclosure drivers would have to exit their truck and get a ticket from the scale house each time they visit the facility.

The printer enclosure sits in a swing arm stand. This helps protect both the printer enclosure and customer vehicle. If a driver were to strike an enclosure, it swings away on the stand. Without it, significant damage would be more likely.

Kasa also maintains this hardware, eliminating this task from Command Alkon’s responsibilities.

Kasa’s main goal is developing user-friendly, effective equipment for their customers. As components change or when customer feedback is received, they are quick to make adjustments to products.

Problems with Asphalt Drop Gates

Command Alkon came to Kasa with an issue regarding drop gates at an asphalt plant. They were opening and closing quickly (chattering) between drops. Command Alkon assessed the software code to identify a problem but also contacted Kasa regarding the PLC panel. They wanted Kasa’s input even though the PLC wasn’t the culprit. Kasa immediately responded trying to resolve the situation.

Eventually, the developers pinpointed the code issue. This is one example of the partnership forged between these two companies. “We would not have gotten to this conclusion as quickly without the help and support of Kasa. They even shipped an additional panel and other testing equipment,” said Gary Bisel, Product Manager - Bulk Materials Segment at Command Alkon.

The Value of the Partnership

The value of doing business with Kasa for Command Alkon goes beyond the product itself. “They add value to our software offerings and bring safety to our customers,” Bisel noted.

Because of their long and trusted relationship, whenever Command Alkon has a unique need for support, they call on Kasa.

Bisel shared, “Kasa was our only choice. Other companies have approached us for business, but they can’t match the service or price we get with Kasa. They can’t replace the relationship or trust we have with each other.”

Command Alkon appreciates Kasa’s ability to collaborate creatively for a solution. Plus, they know they’ll always receive responsive support, personalized service, and high-quality, durable equipment.

Problem with Printer Enclosure Ticket Door

Command Alkon came to Kasa with an issue regarding the ticket door on the front of the printer enclosure. In the past the door was bolted to the body of the enclosure, this posed a problem if it was struck by a vehicle mirror which would rip it from the enclosure and also cause damage to the body of the enclosure.

Kasa investigated other methods of securing the door while also making it possible to “breakaway” without damage to the door or the enclosure. The result was using high temperature, high strength adhesive strips and aluminum rivets. This provided enough strength to keep the door attached to the enclosure while also allowing it to breakaway if struck with enough force. This allows customers to reattach the door to the enclosure and continue operations.

Kasa’s commitment to finding a solution means our customers worry less about damage to the enclosure if a vehicle mirror strikes the door.

To learn if Kasa is the right fit to work with your business, contact us today!

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