Podcast – Learn How Service Agreements can Bring Peace of Mind to Customers

Once a company deploys technology, that’s not the end of the customer relationship. To ensure that the systems keep working as they should, many organizations enter into service agreements with businesses. Driving Automation Host, Hilary Kennedy, spoke with Shawn Cadman, outside sales representative with Kasa, about how service agreements work in the programmable logic controller (PLC) world.

Cadman explained service agreements to Kennedy: “It’s like pre-purchasing a bucket of time at a better rate versus calling in with an emergency. They are a good fit for any PLC driven system, but those with aging systems are more so.”

Kasa creates customizable service agreements based on the customer’s needs.

“You can tailor it to the hours you want and include things like the support line, on-site visits, and training. It all depends on what the customer wants and needs,” Cadman said.

Additionally, Cadman emphasized that the agreements offer peace of mind when something goes wrong: “We’ve got your back, and we’ll get you back to making and moving product.”

Those who enter into agreements can receive 24/7 helpdesk support, so there’s always someone to assist. Often, engineers can remote into systems to diagnose issues quickly. Training is also a big part of the contracts. “There can be a lot of turnover, so we can come in and retrain new employees,” he added.

While a range of industries use Kasa PLCs, Cadman noted that they’re in “grain country,” a sector that uses these service contracts a lot. “Their window of opportunity to accomplish things is shorter, and they don’t want to be down.” 

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