OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

An area that most plants want to improve is efficiency, and one of the best measures of efficiency is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing processes for machines, cells, assembly lines, etc. OEE works by breaking down the reasons for productivity losses into three main factors: Availability, Performance and Quality.

Most of your PLCs have the data that is helpful in determining your OEE. Kasa has experience with a variety of equipment and in getting the information from your PLCs to your existing downtime software or providing you with the tools to track and analyze OEE data.

Questions to consider when seeking to capture OEE and reduce downtime:

Are you currently tracking your efficiency and downtime? If not, why not? Perhaps, you just need a vision of what’s possible. Call us and we can help.

If you are tracking OEE, how are you obtaining the data required?

  • Are you still using clipboard collection systems to capture information that is then transferred to spreadsheets? Ultimately, does it make sense to gather data manually in order to measure the efficiency of your systems or machines?
  • Does your data have missing values? Does the data ever get recorded incorrectly? Or, is there downtime that is occurring that isn’t being reported? These types of data problems can seriously affect your analysis and recommended action steps.
  • If you are using a manual system, are their unintended incentives that cause people to ‘fudge’ the numbers? In general, the data collected should be indisputable.
  • How are you currently analyzing your downtime data? Can you compare data measures across timeframes, machines, people and materials? Can you match the OEE data with costing information to build an ROI case for potential improvements? These are commonplace practices for OEE systems, which we can help you achieve.

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