PLC & HMI Upgrades

PLC & HMI Upgrades

Replace PLC-5, SLC500, Windows XP

Are your systems supported by the manufacturer? Are you having problems finding spare parts? What will happen if your system is no longer functioning?

Do you have PLC-5 and SLC500 controllers? Do you have PLC-2 or PLC-3? Are you running Windows XP or older?

PLCs, HMIs, computers and software platforms do not last forever!

Kasa's extensive experience with legacy systems ensures that you will incur minimal downtime as we replace your old technology. (Learn how an aerospace customer was able to decrease downtime from eight months to less than a week with our solution.)

Increase Functionality of Plant Floor Technology

We also have the skills and expertise to increase the functionality of your existing plant floor technology. Thinking about adding new functions or additional equipment? We can help update your existing software to add the functionality or upgrades you require.

Usability of HMI Designs

If your current HMIs are more difficult to use than your cell phone, consider improving the user interface with a more modern and easy-to-use system that is also more flexible, less expensive to modify and update, and more accessible. Our programmers team up with our designers to ensure your user interface is intuitive and well-organized. 

Mobile Technology and Remote Access for HMIs

Our HMI software is fully adaptable for mobile devices and tablet computers. Remote access via proper network security and logins is possible from anywhere. This system also tends to be much less expensive to service and update as your needs change.

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