Automation controls can offer significant benefits for a variety of industries. Kasa Controls & Automation has had the opportunity to partner with many unique sectors to formulate superior solutions. We recently worked with Canadian automation integration and autonomous vehicle technology firm PH Engineering Solutions to develop automation control for a propeller shaft tightening application.  

Weighing the Provider Options

In their search for a high-quality control panel for its application, PH Engineering explored options from three suppliers. Two were located in their native country of Canada, with the third being Kansas-based Kasa. 

Kasa was on the shortlist because PH Engineering’s owner and applications manager, Michael Pawlak is a former employee. Pawlak had continued to work with us during his time at Toyota, a valued automotive customer. Because of his knowledge of our capabilities, Pawlak reached out to see what we could offer. 

Making the Decision: Why Kasa Stood Out

While Pawlak’s history with us was long, there were multiple considerations in selecting the right partner. Cost is certainly always part of the decision-making process, but even when one of the alternatives was $20,000 less, the company still choose Kasa because of our:

  • High standard of quality 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Superior products
  • Competitive pricing based on the value received
  • Ability to meet the project’s tight deadlines

Shawn Cadman, of our sales team, said of the job, “One of the challenges for our customer on this build was lead time. They had a very tight time frame to work with. We were able to meet that lead time and still produce a high-quality product.”

Balancing Immediacy with Quality and Support

Our engineering team designed and oversaw the project, creating a custom solution that effectively met the needs of the application and did so on time.

PH Engineering will definitely do business with Kasa again!

Michael Pawlak, PH Engineering Owner and Applications Manager

Pawlak was impressed with our responsiveness, capabilities, and high level of service, remarking, “Brad Affolter is an excellent project manager and was able to commit to a product on time and on budget. We experienced exceptional service from his team, given the tight timelines. And Shawn, your sales representative, was with me throughout the whole project to follow up with any concerns from a quality perspective. PH Engineering will definitely do business with Kasa again!”

Cadman summed up the project by sharing, “PH Engineering does a lot of work in the automotive industry, as do we. It helps when both groups speak the same language.” 

Serving a variety of manufacturers in the grain handling, automotive, food processing, baggage handling and heavy/industrial equipment industries, our knowledge, skill, and professionalism are at the core of what we do. The PH Engineering Solutions project highlights our industry-leading capabilities. We can deliver solutions to all types of businesses – we’d love to help you find a solution for yours.