18 Feb 2020

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Kasa: Making a Difference in PLC Solutions

Automation systems can be quite complex, but they are typically controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). A PLC is a digital computer designed for rugged industrial applications and is the “brains” of a manufacturer’s automation system. Typically used in control panels to perform the…


Join Us At GEAPS 2017

Kasa Controls & Automation will be in Booth #2235 at GEAPS Exchange 2017. Stop in a let us show you our data tracking and bin inventory demo for grain elevators. While you’re there try your luck at a hand of poker and win an awesome…


Konnection Partners with “Cool Vendor”

Konnection is proud to partner with Inductive Automation, one of Gartner Inc.’s Top 5 “Cool Vendors” of 2016 for automation projects over a wide range of industries including but not limited to: water/waste-water, grain handling, food processing, bulk material handling, process and batching, data automation and tracking….


What Is Your Bottleneck?

Bottlenecks are a point of congestion that result when a process is limited by the amount of volume it can handle. You might experience one of the four following types of bottlenecks in your facility: Paper Bottlenecks created when information from one computer system or PLC…