11 May 2021

Author: adm


Kasa: Making a Difference in PLC Solutions

Automation systems can be quite complex, but they are typically controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). A PLC is a digital computer designed for rugged industrial applications and is the “brains” of a manufacturer’s automation system. Typically used in control panels to perform the…


Join Us At GEAPS 2017

Kasa Controls & Automation will be in Booth #2235 at GEAPS Exchange 2017. Stop in a let us show you our data tracking and bin inventory demo for grain elevators. While you’re there try your luck at a hand of poker and win an awesome…


Konnection Partners with “Cool Vendor”

Konnection is proud to partner with Inductive Automation, one of Gartner Inc.’s Top 5 “Cool Vendors” of 2016 for automation projects over a wide range of industries including but not limited to: water/waste-water, grain handling, food processing, bulk material handling, process and batching, data automation and tracking….


What Is Your Bottleneck?

Bottlenecks are a point of congestion that result when a process is limited by the amount of volume it can handle. You might experience one of the four following types of bottlenecks in your facility: Paper Bottlenecks created when information from one computer system or PLC…


Streamline Processes with Konnection

Are you restricted by the limitations of your ERP system? Do you have production, inventory, quality or data-tracking issues that are keeping you from performing at your highest potential? One of our customers, REPCO® located in Salina Kansas, recently improved their processes and saved approximately 800…