Meet Our Recruiting Team

To contact anyone on our recruiting team please visit the Contact page and fill out the form or call 785-825-7181.

Jenny Johnson, VP Human Resources


Jenny Johnson
VP Human Resources

Jenny is responsible for the overall recruitment and the onboarding process of new employees. She ensures candidates are a good fit culturally, as well as technically. Besides overseeing all HR functions, she has an active role in developing people, leadership and culture at Kasa.


Steve Pistora, VP Operations


Steve Pistora
VP Operations

Steve works with Kasa’s Project Team. The Project Team is responsible for executing the engineering and commissioning of our projects. An important part of supporting the Team is to help evaluate and develop new talent. To do this Steve helps review candidates, participating in interviews, looking for new team members that are a cultural and technical fit.


Justin Ryan, Engineer Training Manager


Justin Ryan
Engineer Training Manager

Justin was in engineering for 7 years at Kasa before transitioning to recruiting, on-boarding and training. Justin’s goal is to familiarize our new employees with how Kasa operates, train them to have the technical skills they need to be productive when they’re assigned to a project, and help provide project opportunities for them to continue to learn and grow. 


Steve Reed, VP Engineering & Safety


Steve Reed
VP Engineering & Safety

Steve has several roles at Kasa including safety, BHS and recruiting/training. He manages our safety program – safety is a key part of our business at Kasa, therefore, part of everything we do. He also helps with our Baggage Handling System (BHS) development and engineering. Finally, Steve plays a part in recruiting, training and coaching our team members.


Lexie Anderson, Administrative Assistant


Lexie Anderson
Administrative Assistant

Lexie is likely the first person you’ll have contact with at Kasa. She provides full administrative support throughout the recruiting and onboarding processes including setting up phone screesn/interviews, orientation and tours.


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