Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop

Hi, I'm Krazy Shawn over at Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop.

We're slashing prices and taking names. Everything must go!

We got nothing but 40,000 sq. ft. of panels and freedom!

We've got big panels, we've got small panels, we've got new panels.

But wait, we've even replace used panels.

At Kasa, we're shootin' down high prices to give you more bang for your buck!

We're open Monday thru Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday, Suuunday, SUNDAY! Better panels for better prices.

Our workmanship, UL certifications and wide variety of vendors make us the perfect choice for all of your panel needs. Kasa provides modern panels with old fashioned service.

So call me, Shawn Cadman at Kasa Controls and Automation. 

Call 785-825-7181.

Krazy Shawn's Panel Shop 2.0

Krazy Shawn's 2.0

Kasa Facility Tour

Kasa Facility Tour

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What We Do

High Speed Train Loadout

High Speed Train Loadout

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