Bottlenecks are a point of congestion that result when a process is limited by the amount of volume it can handle. You might experience one of the four following types of bottlenecks in your facility:

Paper Bottlenecks

  • created when information from one computer system or PLC printout has to be re-entered into another computer system or PLC.

People Bottlenecks

  • happen when someone has to manually record temperatures, force, amperages, voltage, inventory, maintenance, recipes.

Equipment Bottlenecks

  • created when your equipment is unable to keep up with your demand.

Informational Bottlenecks 

  • present when operational technology (PLCs/HMIs) doesn’t communicate with informational technology (ERPs, HR time systems, Inventory systems, historical logging databases). 

Removing bottlenecks will likely improve your production efficiency.

Valuable data gathering features of Konnection software help our customers manage multiple components of an operation through one centralized database, helping to eliminate bottlenecks.

Konnection software, provided by Kasa Controls & Automation, has the ability to unify various operational systems and offer high-level automated plant control and system monitoring. In addition, we can connect your plant floor data to your business software.