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Kasa’s Work Culture Attracts the Best and Brightest Engineering Talent

Kathy Chandler - Kasa Recruiter

A company’s success hinges on the quality of its service or solution, competition within the market, and of course, the talent of its people. At Kasa, we make it a top priority to recruit the best and brightest engineers and stay ahead of our competitors by ensuring our skilled workers remain with us as long-term employees. However, recruiting top control engineers has a slew of challenges. Luckily, we have a rockstar senior engineering recruiter, Kathy Chandler, who is helping us find and retain the industry’s best engineering minds. 

Recruiting Hurdles

Filling open positions is easier said than done. First, there exists the challenge of effectively communicating the responsibilities of the role, and the messaging must be perfect in order to ensure the department is staffed with the desired skilled professional. Properly communicating the job description helps with the second hurdle: the deluge of resumes. It is a recruiter's job to sift through hundreds of resumes and applications to find the diamond in the rough, and that’s only possible when all parties are on the same page as to the talent being sought.

Then there’s the issue of scheduling interviews. Each minute a department team member spends performing an interview with a potential employee translates into lost productivity–which can turn costly. A recruiter has to properly vet the potential hires and manage everyone’s schedules to ensure no one’s valuable time is wasted. It’s a tall order, but when you have 18 years of experience in recruiting like Kathy, then filling positions with star talent becomes second nature.

A Recruiter Who Understands the Job

Before assuming her position at Kasa, Kathy served as a corporate recruiter, agency recruiter, and an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) recruiter. She understands that if Kasa isn’t able to land world-class employees, then the company would be stuck paying very high placement fees and forced to use contractors–substantially increasing labor costs. Her job is to make sure Kasa remains well staffed as it expands, and she has already been instrumental in growing Kasa’s Baggage Handling Division employee staffing. She knows that there’s tough competition for gifted control engineers but believes Kasa has a secret weapon: its culture.

A Workplace Home 

“Right from the beginning I realized how dedicated the leadership is to the company culture, which includes making lives better – not only for customers, but also for their employees. Once, I learned about all the great things that Kasa does for the employees, I was immediately convinced that I had found my workplace home.” Kathy Chandler.

Kathy understands that workers want to be treated with respect while feeling like they’re making a valued contribution. But not every company extends this courtesy. Kathy believes that the feeling of a workplace home that drew her to Kasa will also attract new recruits. The company goes the extra mile to accommodate its team members so that they remain engaged with their work and are encouraged to stay with the company for the long haul. 

If you’re interested in learning more about working at Kasa, follow the Kasa Companies Facebook page and discover our company-wide social gatherings, and our website careers page to get a glimpse of what it's like to be an engineer at Also, if you’re a top skilled controls engineer seeking for a workplace home at Kasa, Kathy would love to hear from you at